The Health Benefits of GYROTONIC® Exercises

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Every few years, celebrities flock to a new exercise routine to stay in shape amid the constant pressure of show biz. And lately, Hollywood’s A-Listers have been crazy about GYROTONIC® exercise. We can’t blame them! Here’s a few reasons why the GYROTONIC® movement that has won over celebs like Madonna, Tiger Woods, Liv Tyler and Shaquille O’Neal isn’t going away anytime soon.

GYROTONIC® Exercises Let You Go With The Flow

Method founder Juliu Horvath is often quoted as saying that a meaningful workout has to come without struggle, and he designed GYROTONIC® apparatuses with that concept in mind. Rather than create resistance to your body, the GYROTONIC Expansion System® lets you move fluidly throughout your workout. What exactly does that mean? When you perform GYROTONIC® exercises, your body will engage in rotational movements that flow from one to the next without putting your body through a lot of resistance. You’ll get the health benefits of using your muscles’ complete range without making your body feel unnecessary stress.

GYROTONIC® Exercises Build The Whole You

What are the body benefits of a GYROTONIC® routine? There are many. By combining yoga, dance, swimming, and gymnastics principles, it enhances your range of motion while improving your balance and coordination. The gentle GYROTONIC® movements are also great ways to strengthen your muscles and mobilize your joints. And while you’re learning the GYROTONIC® principles of controlling your resistance and maximizing your breathing, your mind will be getting just as good a workout as your body is.

GYROTONIC® Exercises Help You Heal

Although GYROTONIC® exercises are beneficial for everyone, the technique’s low-impact style also makes it gentle enough for people with health limitations. Many doctors urge patients to practice GYROTONIC® exercises during recovery from injuries, and people with scoliosis, osteoporosis and body pain have been known to feel positive effects after engaging in regular GYROTONIC® routines. Given those results, it’s no surprise that countries like Germany and Korea have hospital-based GYROTONIC® facilities to aid in recovery.

GYROTONIC® Exercises Count As Cardio

Still need another reason to try a GYROTONIC® routine? If you perform GYROTONIC® exercises the right way, you’ll be getting in the same amount of cardio as you would on a brisk walk. So, the next time you find yourself dreading your half-hour on the elliptical, try substituting in a half-hour GYROTONIC® workout instead. It could be just the fun, new option you need to rekindle your love for cardio.

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