Duet sessions allow pairs of experienced Mind 2 Body™ clients to participate in a joint training session with one of our certified Pilates instructors and/or certified Gyrotonic® instructors. These intermediate-level sessions provide great value while offering a fun, shared experience for couples, partners, and friends. 

In duet sessions, a trained Mind 2 Body™ staff member will work with you and a partner to provide guidance and support as you progress through activities tailored towards your individual needs and wellness goals. Sessions may focus on both core Classical Pilates Method and the GYROTONIC® exercise method. In these sessions, it’s expected that both participates have a sound understanding of the Mind 2 Body™ classical pilates method, Gyrotonic® methodology  as well as command of studio equipment. 

Sessions are held in our Los Angeles studio. However, we do not organize pairs - you must coordinate your own partner. 

Mind 2 Body™ duet sessions are 55 minutes long. 

Grab a partner and contact us today to schedule your first duet session.

Session Benefits

  • Two-on-one training with a certified Mind 2 Body™ Pilates instructor and/or Gyrotonic® instructor.
  • A unique, shared fitness experience with a partner or friend 
  • Guided programs based on individual wellness goals
  • A comfortable training environment in our intimate Los Angeles studio
  • Increased strength and flexibility; renewed mental awareness 
  • Special attention to existing medical conditions and needs, including pregnancy, limited range of motion, acute pain, and upcoming surgery
  • Improved physical and mental health, limiting the risk of future injury