Become a Level I Gyrotonic® Instructor

At Mind 2 Body, Gyrotonic® training is a holistic process that strengthens your ability to both execute essential movements and teach them to students with clarity. The instructors at Mind 2 Body™ will be with you every step of the way ensuring you learn the skills needed to be a successful Gyrotonic® teacher.

PRIVATE SESSIONS — $1600-$2500

The coursework begins ideally with a minimum of 20 hours of private sessions with a certified instructor. This can cost $80 - $125 per hour depending on your instructor's rate. This portion can cost between $1600 - $2500.


During Pre-Training, a student learns to execute the Level 1 Gyrotonic® exercises, under the guidance of an Authorized Pre-Trainer. Cost includes a $850 course fee + $300 studio fee.


Throughout this course, Master Trainers introduce the student to teaching techniques and principles required to successfully instruct others on Level 1 exercises that utilize the Pulley-Tower Combination Unit. The student then learns to conceive and prepare Gyrotonic® training programs. Cost includes a $1500 course fee + $350 studio fee.

Apprentice teaching

The teaching apprenticeship builds upon the knowledge gained during the Foundation Training Course by providing students with hands-on teaching practice. Students are required to begin their 30 apprenticeship hours within 12 months of completing the Foundation Training Course. 


Under the guidance of a Master Trainer, the student will refine the teaching techniques developed in his or her apprenticeship. This reinforcement will prepare the student for his or her final 30 hours of apprenticeship. Cost includes a $700 Master Trainer fee + $300 studio fee.


With the review workshop as a guide, the student completes a second 30 hours of apprentice teaching.


Upon completion of all above coursework and apprenticeship hours, the student will travel to San Francisco for a final certification process led by an Authorized Master Trainer. Final certification cost includes a $350 course fee + $150-$200 studio fee.