Mind 2 Body™ is pleased to offer a strong Level 1 training program for those interested in teaching Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® techniques. Whether you choose the Gyrotonic® or Gyrokinesis® route, Mind 2 Body’s™ training programs provide a holistic approach to mastering the required skills, beginning with the revolutionary Pre-Training program and ending with a final certification process with an Authorized Master Trainer.

Mind 2 Body’s™ path to Gyrotonic® certification begins by laying a strong foundation in the Gyrotonic® exercise method. Private sessions with a certified trainer and the Pre-Training program are prerequisites that strengthen an individual’s ability to master Gyrotonic® movements in his or her own body. The student then advances through training courses and apprenticeships, all culminating in a final certification process in San Francisco with an Authorized Gyrotonic® Master Trainer.

The experts at Mind 2 Body™ pride themselves in offering individualized instruction for each student.