Niedra and Lani attended teacher trainings for their own education and certification purposes. When we were starting out in our "career," we both attended more than one certification in our pursuit of knowledge. Within the evolution of our careers (studio employees, studio owners, then Teacher Trainers as well as Master Trainers), we offered various trainings and continuing education for teachers.  

We both became aware of the many staggering issues that were present with students graduating from Teacher Training and stepping into the BIG world of "working as a Pilates instructor." Including the fact than many did not make it.

There were significant issues that we observed:

  • We noticed that teachers were not always confident when teaching.
  • We noticed that teachers had a lot of theory (anatomical names of muscles), but were not always able to apply this knowledge to real individuals in the real world.
  • We noticed that many teachers taught "cookie cutter" formula classes but had no true ability to adjust or deal with individual abilities, limitations, and /or needs.
  • We noticed that teachers were looking for new "gimmicks and tricks" to keep their clients entertained rather than solving their individual problems and making a true difference.
  • We noticed that successful teachers had no support and were exhausted and unfit themselves.
  • We noticed that successful teachers had no idea how to keep themselves inspired over time.
  • We noticed that many teachers had no idea how to approach the business side of being a teacher.
  • We noticed that teachers were unaware of their own unique gifts and talents which are the core of their service as a teacher.

We observed that there are three types of people who sign up for Pilates Teacher Training:

  1.  Those who want to change careers and become teachers.
  2. Those who had already embarked upon Pilates Teacher Training and completed the certification process and wanted to retrain to achieve a more thorough and in depth insight of the material.
  3. Those who were interested in deepening their own practice and understanding of Pilates but they were not planning to become teachers.


Hence the Mind 2 Body™ Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training was created and developed with the following in mind:

  • We wanted our graduates to have the full scope and confidence to teach the classical method of Pilates to both private clients and to group classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • We wanted our graduates to have the insight and knowledge to adjust and modify the material depending on the clients physical ability and temperament.
  • We wanted our graduates to have the tools to become successful teachers as well as fulfilled teachers.
  • We wanted our graduates to be certified by a center that advocates the Pilates Method Alliance (the over seeing organization that sets the standard for Pilates in the USA).