Becoming a certified Classical Pilates instructor is a major undertaking that requires both time and practice. But for those who dedicate themselves to the program, the benefits are lifelong. At Mind 2 Body™, we hold candidates to a high standard and expect full commitment throughout the entire training process. Here’s what to be prepared for if you’re considering joining our exclusive program.


The core instruction period for our Classical Pilates teacher training program is six months to one year. Over this period, students are asked to attend formal training sessions and workshops, as well as log a total of 450 plus practice and observation hours. 


Monday through Sunday, candidates should expect to spend at least 12-15 hours per week observing and teaching  sessions. Though there’s some flexibility, we recommend an average of three hours at the studio each day, at least 5 days a week, in order to evenly apply training curriculum. 
Students are also required to attend the comprehensive pilates teacher training. These compressive sessions are 12 days total and last from 12 pm to 6 pm (with a one hour break) and are a key component of our training process. Lastly, individuals participating in our program are encouraged to attend our apprentice meetings, which are held once per month. These meetings provide a platform to practice skills on fellow candidates and strengthen understanding of core curriculum.


Over the course of teacher training, students are expected to complete a total of 450 practice and observation and teaching hours in a variety of settings. Specific guidelines for logging these hours are covered at the start of the program.

Written and Oral Exams

Throughout our teacher training program, candidates must complete a series of written and oral exams with checkpoints at every 100 hours. Students are also required to pass a comprehensive final exam and practical before receiving a certificate of completion.

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