Interested in taking your Classical Pilates expertise to the next level? Mind 2 Body™ offers a compressive certification program that gives individuals the knowledge they need to both instruct others and have a deep understanding of the Classical Pilates methodology. However, in order to get the most out of our training, we ask prospective students to fulfill the following prerequisite requirements before getting started. 

Class experience

Teaching others begins with understanding yourself. Because of this, we expect all incoming students to have taken a minimum of 20 private sessions and/or mat classes at Mind 2 Body™ or an equivalent studio before enrolling in our program. This ensures a basic knowledge of Pilates practices and a strong commitment to the discipline.  


Though our certification program is advanced, we don’t expect students to be Pilates experts when they walk through the door. Rather, we ask that teacher training candidates be at an intermediate skill level. This means being comfortable with Pilates apparatuses, including Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, and Wunda Chair as well as familiar with various session types and exercises.  

If you have questions or need help deciding whether or not the program is a fit for you, don’t hesitate to set up a phone consultation to talk through the details.