An investment in Mind 2 Body™ Pilates Certification is one that lasts a lifetime. If you’re ready to take your understanding of classical Pilates to the next level, connect with us today to sign up for one of our highly specialized programs. 

Comprehensive Certification Program — $7000

Perfect for individuals looking to commit themselves to the complete Mind 2 Body training experience, the comprehensive program prepares students to train at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Beginner Mat Certification Program — $850

A great introduction to mat training, the Beginning Mat Certification Program helps individuals break down basic exercises and identify proper body shapes.

Intermediate Mat Certification Program — $850

Ideal for developing comfort and expertise in mat methods, the Intermediate Mat Certification Program focuses on a more diverse set of exercises while improving instruction style and flow.

Advanced Mat Certification Program — $850

For accomplished mat instructors, the Advanced Mat Certification Program highlights rare and historically significant exercise through unique and rigorous sessions.

Business SkillS & Training Program — $495

Hoping to become a professional Pilates instructor or grow your current client base? The Business Skills and Training Program gives important advice on career planning and setup.