At Mind 2 Body™, our sessions are taught exclusively in the Classical Pilates methodology and the Gyrotonic Expansion System® and focus on the long-term wellness goals of our clients. By investing your time in our studio, you’re investing in a personalized program that’s designed to improve motion, enhance quality of life, and establish a positive foundation for you to grow as an individual.


The Mind 2 Body™ team is led by owner Lani Pelino, a second-generation Pilates Master Trainer. She was certified in Classical Pilates method by Romana Kryzanowska, a direct pupil of Joseph Pilates, inventor of the original Pilates method of body conditioning.

Each teacher at the Mind 2 Body™ studio is required to complete an extensive certification program in the Classical Pilates method as well as log a minimum of 600 teaching hours. This ensures the highest level of instruction and client support.


Private Sessions

As our signature offering, all new clients go through a series of private sessions to establish their personal fitness goals, learn our unique methodology, and get acquainted with the equipment before joining our group classes.

Duet Sessions

A great option for couples, teammates, and close friends who have experience with the Mind 2 Body™ approach, duet sessions allow two clients to participate in a joint training session with one of our certified instructors.

Semi-Private Sessions

Blending our signature methodology with the atmosphere of a shared class, semi-private sessions give experienced Mind 2 Body™ clients an opportunity to spend time training with an instructor in a small group setting.


Online Sessions

The perfect way to maintain fitness levels while traveling for business or pleasure, our Skype / FaceTime sessions provide direct access to a certified Mind 2 Body™ trainer from anywhere in the world or the luxury of your home.

Corporate Sessions

Looking for a fresh way to promote mental and physical wellness within your organization? Bring the Mind 2 Body™ team to your office or place of business for a special corporate Pilates Mat class or GYROKINESIS® class.

Apprentice Sessions

Clients work with prospective Pilates and / or Gyrotonic® trainers in one-on-one sessions as they log studio hours required for certification. These sessions include a modestly discounted rate and are supervised by our instructors.

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