+ How long does the Mind 2 Body™ program take to complete?

Our teacher training and certification program is a major commitment, but one with life-long benefits. Certification candidates typically complete the program within six months; however, this can vary based on class attendance and required practice hours.

+ How many hours each week will I be expected to commit to the program?

On average, candidates can expect to spend at least 12-15 hours per week attending trainings and observing sessions. Though certain aspects of the program are flexible, we recommend individuals reserve at least three hours per day, Monday through Sunday, so they can consistently apply what they’ve learned in class.

+ Are there any weekend commitments I should be aware of?

Yes — the comprehensive pilates teacher training which spans the course of 12 days with and will consist of a weekend. Dates for these sessions are outlined at the start of the program and sessions are held from 12pm to 6pm with a one hour break. During each module, candidates spend time practicing the skills they’ve learned during the previous instruction period.

+ What should I do if I can’t attend one or more of the training sessions?

Because training sessions account for 18 practice hours and are a key pillar of our program, we strongly advise candidates to attend. Individuals who have to miss a module training are required to take 10 additional private sessions at the Mind 2 Body™ studio to make up for the missed curriculum.

+ Do I need to have taken private sessions at Mind 2 Body™ to be eligible to join the teacher training program?

Ideally,yes! We encourage you to take a minimum of 20 private sessions at Mind 2 Body™ Studio or another classical pilates studio to join the program.

+ Do I have to attend apprentice meetings?

Apprentice meetings are held on monthly basis and give candidates an opportunity to work together to review curriculum and hone their teaching skills. Attendance is not mandatory; however, meeting time does count towards the total number of practice hours needed for certification. Additionally, candidates who choose not to attend are responsible for completing all related assignments. Apprentice Meeting are recorded via Zoom and available via our online portal.

+ What if I do not pass my final exam?

If a candidate fails their final exam, we ask them to log 25 additional practice hours to review the areas they struggled with. Once the hours are completed, they’re free to take the exam again.

+ Will I be able to teach at Mind 2 Body™ once I complete my training?

While we can’t guarantee a spot on our staff after completing our program, we are more than happy to assist candidates with job placement and provide references as needed. Given our unique focus in Classical Pilates, graduates often find great success as they progress in their careers.

+ Do I need any special equipment to participate in the teacher training program?

All candidates are required to have access to a computer or an iPad throughout the entire training program. This is because our curriculum centers around an interactive, iBooks-based textbook created specifically for Mind 2 Body™. You will have access to our online teacher training portal where our manual, study guides, training videos, apprentice meetings, etc. are available.

+ Do I need to take private sessions or group classes while participating in the certification program?

We encourage all certification candidates to take at least two group class per week or one private session a week in addition to their required observation, practice and teaching sessions.

+ What happens at the end of the teacher training program?

After attending the comprehensive teacher training, logging the required practice hours, and passing our exams, students receive a formal certificate of completion. Additionally, graduates are provided access to continuing education workshops, which are held by the studio’s Teacher Trainers.

+ How many people participate in each training program?

Training cohorts typically include between eight and twelve students, all of whom progress through the program together.

+ Who are teacher training sessions led by?

One of the core benefits of the Mind 2 Pilates™ teacher training and certification program is access to Master Trainers with rich experience in the Classical Pilates methodology. Throughout the program, sessions are led by one of three instructors: Lani Pelino, Nadia Gabriel, and Eric Valdes. Check out our About Us page to get to know the team!

+ If I already have my certificate from another studio can I get additional credentials through Mind 2 Body™?

Absolutely! We often work with practicing instructors who are simply interested in building their skill set within the Classical Pilates methodology. In this case, candidates are asked to attend the 12 day comprehensive teacher trainings and complete our exams to receive a certificate of completion.

+ When do new training cohorts begin?

New training programs kick off every six months, typically mid February and June. If you’re considering joining our program, be sure to connect with us as soon as possible since space is limited.

+ Does the Mind 2 Body™ teacher training program include mat certification?

Yes indeed. Throughout our program, candidates will study all levels of Pilates instruction using both apparatus and mat exercises.