Client Spotlight: Maria Curtis

One of our favorite clients, Maria Curtis never ceases to amaze me. She is 85 years young; energetic, enthusiastic, and embraces life’s challenges.

Just ask the clients at Mind 2 Body™ studio who are just as impressed when they see this extraordinary woman walk into our studio for her training sessions twice a week. Allow me to share her story with you. I hope it will inspire you in your health endeavors and goals for 2017! Maria comes to our studio for 2 hours of training twice a week: 2 private Gyrotonic® training sessions and 2 group Gyrokinesis® classes. She drives to Studio City from Northridge (over an hour of driving in Los Angeles traffic)! Yes, she drives herself and arrives with a smile on her face. She arrives 30 minutes early to warm up prior to taking class. She walks in with a bottle of Kangen Alkaline Water as well as a green smoothie in hand (she is a long time vegetarian). She then proceeds to warm up by hopping onto the Pilates reformer to do her Footwork Series. Maria is eager to explore Gyrokinesis® further. She has signed up and embarked upon the Gyrokinesis® Pre-Training with me at the studio. She plans on participating in the Gyrotonic® Pre-Training in the future! She is an avid learner, a great student and practitioner. Pre-training is where you learn the material in depth, as though you were going through teacher training but the purpose is the application on YOUR own body, so that you reap the expert knowledge for yourself.


What do I love most about Maria? She is sassy, smart and stylish. She comes in with the greatest work out attire, (our studio teachers always inquire where she purchases her ensembles); we especially love her colorful leg warmers. I have always wanted to write a Blog about Maria – I marvel at how healthy, strong, smart, and capable she is. I used to believe, due to my grandparents aging process, that growing old meant becoming weak and frail, not being able to drive, read, remember, or even walk. This scared me! No more – meeting Maria changed my views on the aging process and gave me a new vision for aging with grace and joy. Maria is strong and vibrant, drives daily, reads and writes (she is an incredible writer by the way), has a sharp mind, and works out every day. In essence,she lives a rich and full life with a husband who was just as healthy and strong as she. She is an example for all of us. Maria; I think YOU are the teacher and role model here. 

The following is an interview with her:  

Lani: How has Gyrotonic® influenced your life?  
Maria: In essence, it has changed me. I have a different perspective now on what my body is capable of achieving. I feel as though I have widened my horizons physically. Taking Gyrotonic® sessions weekly has given me the ability and opportunity to move more efficiently and with greater ease. AND, it just feels good!  

Lani: You meditate every day, don’t you?  
Maria: Actually, I meditate twice a day. Once in the morning from 8 am to 9 am and then again in the evening from 5 pm to 6 pm.  

Lani: What type of meditation do you practice? 
Maria: Well, I think mediation is very personal to each individual. You have to find the type of meditation that appeals to you. I have been practicing meditation for 20 years. It is a part of my lifestyle and I don’t advertise it. It is just something I do.  

Lani: What made you become a vegetarian and for how long have you been one?  
Maria: I’ve been a vegetarian since the early 60’s, approximately 40 years. I didn’t want to eat anything with a face. Meat, fish, and poultry do not energetically resonate with me. I am sensitive that way. And I also feel better off health wise. I am reducing the acid content in my body as well. Instead, I load up on veggies, whole grain and fruits. I feel much better as a result.  

Lani: I know you have body work done once a week as well as chiropractic sessions here and there. Tell us about that. 
Maria: I get a massage every week from Clyde Mitchell (a wonderful healer). I go to the chiropractor whenever I need to and also get healing sessions whenever I feel compelled.  

Lani: I was introduced to Kangen water years ago.Not many people know about Kangen Water and yet you drink it every day and own the water machine. How has this shaped your health?  
Maria: It is a very important addition to our health program because of the PH of the water. It is much better tasting water than I ever had.  

Lani: I am impressed that you are able to read and write so beautifully to this day. You maintain great vision and clarity in your words and thoughts. To what do you attribute this?  
Maria: Exercising my mind as well. I still read and study. I am an educated woman. I also have my PHD in French Literature.  

Lani: In terms of aging gracefully which you embody, what do you suggest to others in terms of maintaining and sustaining good health? 
Maria: I think they should listen to themselves, their bodies and what is going on with them internally. Nobody knows your body like you. Experiment and study, meditate, exercise, think well, eat well and above all, love well.