4 Benefits of Training at Mind 2 Body™ Studio

Location, amenities, culture - it’s difficult to keep track of all of the factors that go into choosing a new gym or Pilates studio. Finding the right match can lead to a wonderful, long-term relationship; however, a bad experience or two can be frustrating, or even throw fitness goals off track.  

Because of this, we always like to share how our upscale studio takes a special approach to total body training, particularly with new clients. If you’re looking for a new Classical Pilates Studio in the Los Angeles area, there’s no better option than Mind 2 Body™. 

Here are four ways our intimate style, expert instructors, and wholistic philosophy make the difference with new clients. 

1. Signature Private Instruction

At Mind 2 Body™ Studio, our mission is to provide a comfortable, personalized experience that helps clients reach their wellness goals. This starts with our signature private sessions, one-on-one sessions that are designed to improve range of motion, build strength, and enhance quality of life, as well as lay a foundation for future growth.

Private sessions help us connect with new clients on a personal level and share our unique fitness philosophy of "working in.” Simply put, “working in” means we’re less concerned with pushing clients’ bodies the brink and more concerned with the integrity of each exercise clients engage in. As a result, clients feel the full impact of the effort they put into training and are able to reach their wellness goals faster.  

2. Opportunities to Learn from the Best

Led by studio founder and owner Lani Pelino, the team at Mind 2 Body™ Studio brings decades of experience to training, as well as a truly authentic history. With our diverse and accomplished roster of certified trainers, it’s easy for us to match new clients with the perfect instructor.  

After discovering her passion for the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning at Ohio University and continuing her education as an instructor at The Atlanta Ballet, Lani immersed herself in Classical Pilates under the guidance of Romana Kryzanowska, a direct pupil of Joseph Pilates.

Lani later developed an expertise in the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise methods and was certified as an instructor by Juliu Horvath, founder and creator of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

This storied background helps ensure all trainers are of the absolute highest caliber and that sessions always stay true to original Classical Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and GYROKINESIS® teachings, an area that’s sometimes blurred in modern studios. 

3. An Outstanding Facility and Innovative Equipment

Nestled in the heart of Southern California, our Studio City, CA location provides an ideal space for anyone looking to improve their physical and mental wellness. New clients can look forward to a clean, cozy facility that’s designed to make them feel at home from the moment they enter the door.  

Our full-sized studio offers innovative Classical Pilates equipment from Gratz and Pilates Designs by Basil, such as Reformers, Tower Units, Wunda Chair, Guillotine Tower, and Cadillac. Additionally, clients can take advantage of our wide range of GYROTONIC® equipment, including the GYROTONIC® Pulley Towers – The Cobra Elite and the GYROTONER®.

This abundance of equipment makes it easy for us to host private sessions as well as small groups without limiting our training techniques.

4. A Truly Wholistic Experience

By training at Mind 2 Body™ Studio, new clients can trust that they’re engaging in more than a simple exercise routine. Our eco-friendly studio reflects, nurtures, and supports the importance of the mind-body connection, which is at the center of everything we do.

Moreover, we recognize that all of our clients are multi-faceted, with varying needs and physical concerns. By focusing on personalized movement techniques that foster an optimal body state and perfect alignment, we believe we can help individuals of every level connect with their joyful, healthy and whole self. And, thankfully, we have the pleasure of witnessing this firsthand every day.

Whether you prefer to practice Classical Pilates, the GYROTONIC® method, or GYROKINESIS® - or a combination of techniques - our studio can help you achieve your wellness goals and bridge the mind-body gap. 

See how Mind 2 Body™ Studio makes the difference by visiting us in person. Contact our team at info@mind2body.net to set up your first session and start down the road towards total body wellness. 

Lani Pelino