Is The GYROKINESIS® Method Right for Me?

Starting a new fitness program can be a daunting task. Between getting comfortable with a new series of exercises to having the right equipment on hand, it undoubtedly takes patience and effort. But once the new method becomes comfortable, it can open up the door to exciting personal improvements and growth.

At Mind 2 Body™ Studio, one lesser-know exercise program we love to share with our clients is the GYROKINESIS® Method. It’s a natural progression for many and goes hand-in-hand with the other total body wellness programs we practice at our studio. 

This quick introduction to the GYROKINESIS® Method can help you decide whether it’s the right discipline to add to your growing fitness repertoire. 

Basics of The GYROKINESIS® Method

The GYROKINESIS® Method is a movement method that addresses and supports the entire body. Its exercises stimulate the nervous system, increase range of motion and open energy pathways through flowing, rhythmic motions. Though it stands on its own as a unique and complete exercise methodology, it’s also a key component of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, which was created by Juliu Horvath in the 1960s. 

Like its sister discipline, the GYROTONIC® Method, the GYROKINESIS® Method encourages 360-degree movement to increase flexibility, promote proper stretching, build muscles, and strengthen joints. As a result, clients commonly see improved balance and gains in core strength, which in turn helps ease the demands of everyday life - lifting groceries, walking steps, caring for children, etc. 

Getting started with the GYROKINESIS® Method is simple and easy. Clients need only the basic equipment of a mat and stool (or chair) to fully engage in the exercises. This makes it practical to workout both at home and in the studio.  

Who Is the GYROKINESIS® Method Designed For?

The beauty of the GYROKINESIS® Method is that it’s made for everyone. Regardless of age, fitness level or experience, the discipline can be tailored to accommodate your individual wellness goals. From star athletes and fitness enthusiasts to senior citizens and individuals recovering from injury, the program’s adaptable style can provide both comfort and a level-appropriate challenges to all. 

During a typical GYROKINESIS® session, clients begin with breathing and self-massage exercises, followed by spine-mobilizing exercises. After that, the workout gradually shifts to other areas of the body: hip, knee, quadriceps, etc. Throughout it all, positions and movements connect with a rhythmic fluidity, making sessions feel less like “exercise” and more like dance. 

Interested in taking your first class in the GYROKINESIS® Method? Connect with us a today at for more information. Our team of expert trainers is excited to help you expand your training repertoire and get moving with this tremendous fitness program.