Rehab Injuries with Classical Pilates and the GYROTONIC® Method

It happens when you least expect it - a sudden pop, a debilitating strain, painful tightness. In an instant, an otherwise perfect day goes by the wayside thanks to injury. 
But while picking up an untimely knock is always a tough setback, by understanding your body’s risk areas and taking a proactive approach to rehab, you can help prevent future damage and speed up recovery. 
At Mind 2 Body™ Studio, we routinely work with clients who are looking to improve their health and wellness in the aftermath injury. Here’s how you can get back to doing what you love faster by coupling a Classical Pilates or GYROTONIC® training program with your physician’s prescribed recovery plan.
Commonly treated injuries
Though every injury is unique, some of the most common ailments we see at our studio are torn meniscuses, L4 and L5 back problems and shoulder issues, such as frozen shoulder. For many, these types of conditions are associated with long-term pain and uncertainty about ever returning to “normal” activity. 
However, time and again, we see that by treating these conditions as part of a larger, total body wellness plan, it’s possible to not only remedy immediate issues but strengthen the body beyond its previous level. This same principle is true of frequent sports injuries and chronic mobility issues. 
Benefits of a comprehensive training program
The key benefit of engaging in a Classical Pilates or GYROTONIC® training program following an injury is that both methods help create strength and stability around the body’s joints. They work to facilitate greater range of motion, which ultimately leads to less pain in the injury area.
Rather than focusing solely on the joint or muscle group where an injury is sustained, our Pilates training sessions target the entire body, being mindful of how one system affects others. For example, when dealing with a lower back injury, exercises that build up the core, lower body and shoulders can help alleviate pain and provide a strong foundation to prevent future damage to the spine. 
Consistency is the key to recovery
Our philosophy is simple: On the path recovery, consistency always outweighs short-lived gains. After all, there’s no benefit in reaching a new goal or pushing yourself to make it through a workout if it leads to a flare up or worsens your condition the next day.
Instead, we strive to create tailored workout plans that help clients rebuild their ability slowly and intentionally. Instructors carefully monitor individual progress so they know which exercises to focus on and which to avoid to ensure the best possible outcomes. Combined with a physician’s care and our signature wellness values, there’s no stopping you from reaching even greater heights after suffering an unexpected injury.   
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