Whether you’re a frequent traveler who’s interested in maintaining fitness levels on the road or an intermediate student looking to connect from afar, our online sessions provide unique access to the Mind 2 Body™ methodology from anywhere in the world. 

During online sessions, Classical Pilates Master Trainer and Authorized Gyrotonic® Pre-Trainer Lani Pelino or another one of our certified staff members will provide instruction and support via an online platform such as Skype or FaceTime while you follow along from the comfort of your own home, or a nearby studio. They offer the same level of personalization as private Pilates and Gyrotonic® sessions and can be tailored to focus on either simple mat routines or full apparatus-based exercises, including Classical Pilates and the GYROTONIC® exercise method.  

Online sessions are open to both new clients (with approval) and existing Mind 2 Body™ clients. Students must have their own laptop or tablet, as well as high-speed Internet access in their designated training area. 

Mind 2 Body™ sessions are 55 minutes long.  

If you’re a tech-savvy student who’s interested in online sessions, contact us today to get started.

Session Benefits

  • Location-agnostic with flexible scheduling options
  • One-on-one instruction following the Mind 2 Body™ Classical Pilates methodology
  • One-on-one instruction following the Gyrotonic® exercise method
  • Guided programs based on individual wellness goals
  • Increased strength and flexibility; renewed mental awareness
  • Special attention to existing medical conditions and needs, including pregnancy, limited range of motion, acute pain, and upcoming surgery
  • Improved physical and mental health, limiting the risk of future injury